Denny Hulme's Second Place Car - Mosport Park, Ontario June 14, 1970.

Each of These Accurately Scaled, 1/32 Scale Models Features:
  • Carefully Engineered Steering Front Wheels, with Correct Akerman Geometry!
  • Real Micro Polished Aluminum Racing Wheels on All Four Corners !
  • "Sidewinder" Type Motor with Proprietary Mounting System.
  • 3.27:1 Gearing for Well Balanced Top Speed vs Acceleration.
  • Full, Accurately Scaled "Hewland" Gearbox Detail!
  • Accurately Scaled Tire Treads Measured Directly off Real Correct Vintage Racing Tires!
  • Artist Sculpted, Scale Sized Drivers to represent Dan and Denny! No midgets here! Click on "Details" over in the sidebar for a closeup of our Dan Gurny driver!
Click on any of the photos below for other views of Denny's ride !

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